Create an Appetite on Pinterest

Pinterest Marketing Specialist
for Food and Drink

This is Lemon Pepper Marketing
A food and drink Pinterest specialist based in the Midlands

I help recipe creators and foodie businesses connect to a wider audience on Pinterest, smoothing the way for more traffic, more sign-ups, and more sales of your cookbooks, memberships, and products as your business grows.

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Pinterest Management

You want someone to take Pinterest off your hands so that you can focus on what you do best: running your business.
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6 Week Boost

You want a seasoned pro to lay the right foundations and get things cooking, but then you want to pick it up yourself.

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3 Month Rocket

You’re serious about Pinterest and you want the best possible chance of success, but you also want to manage it in-house. 

“Within only 4 months of working with Jenny, I’ve seen my followers increase by 25%”

…my average monthly viewers increase by 100% and traffic to my blog from Pinterest increase by 110%.

I’m so thankful to have Jenny on my team. It’s been a huge load off my back having her manage my Pinterest account!

Yuma Jawad, Feel Good Foodie

Hi, I’m Jenny

Pinterest is my bread and butter.

I’m a former blogger, life-long food obsessive, and a proud Pinterest nerd with an agency background in marketing and PR.

Why Pinterest?

Pinterest is not social media
It’s a discovery engine
People arrive with intent

The platform sees 498 million active users every month – 16 million in the UK alone – and they are HUNGRY.

They’ve got mouths to feed and events to plan, dietary requirements to cater for and trends to follow.

They want to discover, plan, learn, make, and do, and when they’re ready, they’re more likely to buy via Pinterest than on any other platform.

Because 97% of search on Pinterest is unbranded
it offers a level playfield.

Big brands tend to ignore organic marketing on Pinterest because the label doesn’t matter, it’s the solution that counts.

There’s just as much chance of being discovered regardless of whether you’re a household name or a one person wonder.

But you do need to know the recipe for success. And that’s where I come in.

Don’t Take My Word For It…

Best month ever

“This month was incredible! It was my highest-trafficked month ever!! The work you are doing on Pinterest will be long-lived and I’m super grateful for the increase in exposure.”


“We’re almost at 100k followers!! Looks like it should happen this week, which is so exciting considering I was at 5k when we started working together.”

love the communication

“I absolutely love the communication I have with you! It’s informative, concrete and detailed. Anytime I get a chance to ask questions I always soak in as much as possible.”